Papua New Guinea launched a whole new look for their country

4 October 2014

Earlier this year they met with Tribal Sport Design Director Sam Lake to establish a new look that would display all things that make PNG countrymen stand proud and tall. After displaying a similar look for an extended period they made a decision to fast track into a modern new look that took in the ‘bird of paradise’ and southern cross stars of their national flag. It depicts the Southern Cross and a Raggiana bird of paradise in similar positions to the national flag.

The flag has been the countries national look since 1971 when a 15 year old schoolgirl Susan Huhume won a national competition for a new flag design. Red and black have long been the traditional colors of many Papua New Guinean tribes. Black-white-red was the color of the German Empire’s flag, which had colonized New Guinea prior to 1918. The bird of paradise is also found on the national coat-of-arms.

One thing we all know about the Papau New Guineans is the fierce pride they display in their country and all it stands for. When they arrived at the IC14 in their nice new bright shiny kit they were once again formidable opposition for all, setting the benchmark for competitiveness and skill with all their country’s pride. Needless to say they are now back at the top of the table as the world’s no.1 outside Australia.





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