Part two from the boys Marty and Ethan.

10 April 2018

Part two from the boys Marty and Ethan.

So the weekend just past was a pretty amazing one for me I have to say. On Thursday the 29th we left for the preseason training camp for the U19 cougars. It was am absolute blast getting into some intense training and have film breakdown sessions but it was all topped off by one pretty amazing thing. After putting in some hard work and meeting a lot of the team I was voted in as one of the four captains for the 2018 season.

This is as big of an honor as it is a surprise and I will do my very best to lead our team with everything I have. This year is stacking up to be a monster of a year for myself and for the hard work of the camp I can say that the Cougars are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I would like to thank all of our supports on the go fund me for making all of this possible for Marty and I.

I would also like to that on sponsors @Tribal_Sport #JoinTheTribe for the amazing support. Their gear was used throughout the whole camp and you may not see it but those are tribal compression pants and shirts and hoodies that Marty and I are wearing. Even in such an intense environment such as an Gridiron training camp they not only help up but they look good as new. That is the kind of quality and make you can expect from Jack and the team at @Tribal_Sport. Please have a look at some of the photos from the camp down below. The first one will be of myself and the other captains looking proud and be sure to like the Tribal Sport facebook page as well at the U19 Lübeck Cougars facebook page to keep up to date with Marty and I as well as the team. #GoCougars #JoinTheTribe #TrainingCamp #HardWork

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