Tribal Sport team up with Ethan Herridge and Marty Edser

10 April 2018

Part one with Marty and Ethan on their journey with the Lübeck Cougars.

So it has been a hell of a two weeks for Marty and I to say the absolute least. On the 21st of March, we landed in Hamburg International Airport at about mid-day and after meeting our head coach and O-Line coach for the first time in person, we drove for about an hour to our new home. The absolutely stunning Lübeck was really cold but it was hard to focus on that fact since our jaws were constantly on the floor. We were so excited to be there we even decided to go to practice and just tuff out the jet-lag. We suited up in our gear and that was generously provided by our amazing sponsor Tribal Sport, seriously guys if you want to support us then please go support these amazing people. Tribal sport is a family business and they have helped us so much with our efforts to make it here and there gear is top of the line. Marty and I both used Tribal gear at the nationals and I have been using Tribal for the Australian team. It is truly the best out there.

Anyway we suited up for our first practice with the Lübeck Cougars and went to training. It was a lot colder than we thought it would be, that’s for sure but it was an absolute blast. We went home after that, ate dinner and crashed.

Since then we have either been training, looking at some of the beautiful scenery around Lübeck, meeting and socialising with the Cougars or eating and sleeping… lots of eating hahaha.

It has been a dream come true since we stepped off the plane at Hamburg and could not be happier, again massive thank you to @Tribal_Sport and everyone who has helped us live our dream. We could not be any happier if we tried.

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